The first Fraternity of Jesus took place in Quebec from June 29 to July 1. The Emmanuel Community moderator, Laurent Landete, was also present. During the retreat, Laurent introduced the newly appointed Emmanuel Community heads for North America (a.k.a. zone delegates) Hubert and Estelle de Torcy. The fraternity retreat was followed by an Emmanuel Forum which was attended by over 200 people from very different backgrounds.

The Fraternity retreat was a very powerful time which allowed for the renewal and confirmation of the call of so many brothers and sisters who have chosen to walk in this more radical path in the community. The Fraternity of Jesus is the core of the Community made up of members who give themselves to the Lord in consecration and total devotion to the mission. Laurent Landete reminded them that members of the Fraternity journey towards a consecration – as brothers and sisters of Jesus – to bring together, in a radical way, the charisms and fruitfulness of the Emmanuel Community where ever they are.

He also encouraged them in their availability for service and mission, in order to widely spread the founding of the Community in Canada. “The brothers and sisters of the fraternity are those on which the Community is able to rely upon; on their fidelity and stable prayer life as well as their faithful service to others. Where our heart is, there is our treasure ” he said to them.

Right – Fr. Alexandre; Center – Fr. Brice; Left – Fr. Martin.

The moderator’s visit was also an opportunity to meet with the brother priests of the Canadian community: Brice Petitjean, the newly appointed pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Quebec, and his two vicars Alexandre Julien and Martin Lagacé. (see picture above).

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Canada and let us give thanks for their missionary fire!


Article taken and translated from The Emmanuel Community International website

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