First EC gathering in New Jersey

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, the Emmanuel Community in New Jersey gathered for its first Community morning at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. This was organized to prepare our Household for the season of Advent and also to spend a morning together in prayer.

We gathered in the crypt of the cathedral at 9:00AM for Mass, celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop of Newark, Manuel A. Cruz, followed by a short coffee break, and then back to the crypt for a time of praise. The Lord spoke very powerfully to our Household at praise: keep your eyes focused on the Light of the world this Advent.

Rosemary Leblond offered her testimony and a teaching on Our Lady of Kibeho. A period of Eucharistic Adoration followed the teaching, in order to bring all we had received to Jesus, and to listen more concretely to what He wanted to say to us. Finally, we ended the day with a festive luncheon.

Bishop Cruz celebrated his birthday on that day, so he joined us for cheese and dessert. It was very significant that our first NJ Community morning was held in the beautiful crypt of the Newark Cathedral. It certainly reminded us of the Emmanuel Community’s beginnings in the crypt of Saint Sulpice in Paris. We pray that the Lord would grant increase to our fledging Household, and indeed to the Emmanuel Community in New Jersey, just as he did at the very beginning.

We wish you a holy and fruitful Advent season!

Lynx (NJ)


  1. Serge Uwiduhaye
    December 12, 2017    

    Wow! Your gathering was really wonderful. I can see that on your beautiful faces.
    Thanks Lynx for sharing with us what you received.

    May our mother of Kibeho pray for us!

  2. Chris Motz
    December 29, 2017    

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing. With you in joy,

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