Fidesco USA hosted a discernment weekend at Fr Thomas Petrillo’s parish (a priest of the Emmanuel Community), Sts John and Paul, in Larchmont, NY on September 20 & 21.  Four candidates flew or drove in to learn about the apostolate branch of the Emmanuel Community

Denis Leblond, Executive Director, presided over the weekend with the assistance of John (Jean) Robin, former Director of Fidesco International as well as Bridget Horan, a returning volunteer, and Rosemary Leblond, a former volunteer.


The weekend consisted of various presentations and time for questions and answers as well as a personal interview with each candidate. After filling these potential volunteers’ brains with information about reasons to do the mission as well as reasons not to do the mission, they left us with the understanding that they are to make a decision within the next two to three weeks and let Denis know.  Please pray for them and this very pivotal decision for them and for the Fidesco missions.  Currently there are 170 people working with the poor on Fidesco missions worldwide.



  1. Tony
    April 13, 2014    

    Do you accept families into mission. We are married and have 5 kids.

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