Fatima Shrine Pilgrimage

On September 13, I pilgrimaged to the World Apostolate for Fatima in Washington, New Jersey. You were all spiritually part of this pilgrimage that gave the grace of a plenary indulgence.

There was time for silent prayer in the chapel, reception of the sacrament of reconciliation, a procession while praying the rosary on the grounds and the solemnity of the mass celebrated by Bishop DiMazzio from Brooklyn, New York.

Our Lady’s invitation to repentence and prayer for the salvation of souls is the theme that we are called to contemplate. Mother Mary invites us to offer our joys and sufferings for those who cannot do so. She reminds us that our prayers are never left unanswered.

Rosemary (PA)


  1. Denis Phaneuf
    September 29, 2017    

    Bless you. Fr Denis Phaneuf

  2. September 29, 2017    

    Thank you my dear Rosemary. xoxo

  3. Colleen
    September 30, 2017    

    Thank you for sharing. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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