ESM in New York

Yesterday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, met with Laurent Landete, the moderator of the Emmanuel Community. Cardinal Dolan officially invited the Emmanuel Community to establish a new Emmanuel School of Mission (ESM) in New York.

ESM is an opportunity for young people, between 18 and 30 years of age, to spend 9 months living an intense and fruitful spiritual and community life.

Today, the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, is also International ESM Day. We pray for the exciting development of this new school in North America and for the ESMs around the world, their students, staff, and alumni.


Visit ESM NYC:


  1. ingrid Hazard
    January 25, 2017    

    Alleluia! Yes O Lord You Are Good!

  2. Rosemary
    January 25, 2017    

    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide all of those involved in this new mission. Glory to God for all those how say “Yes” to the call.

    • Joe
      January 25, 2017    

      Congrats Rosemary! Great news. How are you? And the development/fundraising?

  3. Juan Blanco
    January 25, 2017    

    This absolutely amazing news! Praise the Lord! Thanks for this post, Colleen.

    Let us pray for the fruits of this new ESM, for the students, directors and also for all the ESM missions around the world including Fidesco!

  4. Hortense
    January 25, 2017    

    Glory to God! This is awesome

  5. Michal
    January 25, 2017    

    Great news!

  6. Daria
    January 25, 2017    

    This is amazing news! God bless the school, the community, and those who respond to the call!

  7. Jim Pepin
    March 3, 2017    

    Do they know where in New York City this will be located?

  8. caroline
    October 11, 2018    

    Looking forward to meeting the ESM of NYC!!!!

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