Enchanted April

Enchanted April is my favorite movie: it is the sunny story of four British ladies
who share a vacation rental and find happiness (and more) in an Italian castle.
Our community weekend in Flourtown, Pa, reminded me a lot of this beautiful
story. There were no British ladies escaping from London’s rain, but we shared
fraternal life and praise. No vacation, but fervent quest for brotherly love and
harmony. No Italy, but an incredible Italian style house where you gladly mix
Italian, English and French (and some Kinyarwanda). No enchantment, but the
treasure of Divine Mercy.

In the spacious rooms full of happy guests, two dogs, children and rays of sun were
playing around. A river runs below the backyard, in between trees and bushes.
Close to the house, a nice pool reflects the sky and invites to think about summer,
when the weather gets warm enough to swim.
My favorite movie ends on the promise of more happiness in London, where the
fragrance from the flowers is said to follow the four ladies. Our community
weekend didn’t really end either: the light of Adoration (and of the sun), the
blessing of brotherhood and the graces from the mass celebrated by Father Philippe
are following us now wherever we are. We believe that those who couldn’t come
are sharing those graces and the Joy of the Spirit that we experienced during those
precious moments, praying for them.
(Enchanted April by Mike Newell was released in 1991, based on a book published
in 1922 by Elizabeth von Arnim. Yes, I recommend the book also!)

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