Emmanuel Community is world-famous for its music. Large selection of Emmanuel songs is easily accessible on internet through services like iTunes, Amazon Music or Spotify. In this post we would like to gather links and resources, so they are readily available for all.

In English

Mutliple CDs have been produced in English, and 2 most recent titles are available on Amazon:

In Spanish

Just recently – in the fall of 2017 – Our brothers and sisters in Colombia have released a CD with songs in Spanish. The cost is $8 U.S. dollars plus a 16% upcharge for taxes and delivery. To purchase – send your order through Paypal to emmanuelbogota@gmail.com and indicate your shipping address and how many copies you would like.

In French

The French collection of Emmanuel songs is by far the most comprehensive. Almost every Emmanuel song can be found in French version on one of many websites. Here are just a few links:

Other resources

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and look at the box on the right – there is a little on-line player that let’s you listen to a few songs in French. Enough to give you a taste.

If you know of other resources where EC songs can be purchased, downloaded, or listened to on-line – let us know by commenting and we will update this post to include your links.

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