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There are a limited number of Emmanuel Community books here in the US that are now available for a donation.

If you are interested in these titles, please email Jim and Colleen at pepinfamily @ verizon.net for more information.

6b860c932719a7be406ab59774edb74719652b9f  Words of Pierre Goursat
Teachings and insights of Pierre collected and presented by Martine Catta, co-founder of the Emmanuel Community with Pierre.

  Guide to Community Life
Valuable resource for deepening your Community life.

  2010 Songbook in English

  Fire and Hope  (no copies left at the moment)
“This book traces Pierre Goursat’s own life, and through it the history of the formative years of the Emmanuel Community. It also sheds light on a period of remarkable vitality and hope in the recent history of the Catholic Church.”

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  1. We are also trying to contact those who responded to the survey, but please go ahead and send an email too if you haven’t heard from us yet.

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