This Saturday, committed members of Emmanuel Community will participate in the election of 4 representative members for North America Advisory Committee.

We invite each of you to prepare for this moment by carrying it in your prayer and by taking into account the role of the representative on the Advisory Committee. So as to vote for a brother or sister who seems to you to be able to assume this responsibility: by way of example, with good experience of the charism of the community, attention to brothers, missionary creativity, good judgment, and real availability to fulfill this mission.

Here are some simple questions / answers that can help each of you during this election time.

Who votes for representatives of the Zone Advisory Committee?
Brothers and sisters who are committed in the Community at the date of the vote.
Brothers and sisters who are associated members do not vote.

Who can be elected to the Zone Advisory Committee?
He or she is a brother or sister committed in the community and on the way to the Fraternity of Jesus (on probation or consecrated step).

What will he or she have to do?
These elected brothers and sisters will be part of the Advisory Committee for the North America for 5 years and will be consulted on community and missionary issues in their Zone. The North area advisory Committee will be established with 8 elected members (4 from Canada and 4 from US), added by 4 members named by the delegate for north America. They will also be responsible for electing 2 members among the North America Advisory Committee to serve on the International Advisory Committee and the Prayer and Election College.


Hubert & Estelle (Delegates of the Moderator for the North American Zone)

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