Edward Clancy: The importance of Christians in the Middle East

Copied from the Christian Post (see link below).

Our very own Edward Clancy, director of outreach for the humanitarian organization Aid to the Church in Need was quoted in the Christian Post recently in regards to the plight of the Middle East Christians feeling from their homes at the “In Defense of Christians summit”:

“The stakes are enormous. Christianity might entirely disappear from the very region of its birth. Such a disaster would not only mean the loss of ancient patrimony, it would also mean the demise of a key player to society dominated by Islam and unfortunately dominated by a radical Islam that seeks to kill and destroy rather than to live side by side.”

Edward went on to say…”It’s very simple, without a Christian presence there will be less charity. There will be less education. There will be less stability. There will be less democracy,” Clancy said. “Christianity’s presence means more literacy, more compassion for the poor. It means greater chance of survival and improvement for those who are deeper in absolute poverty.”

Clancy noted that in an area like Mosul where the Christian population is only 10 percent, Christians provide half of the universities student population. Clancy also pointed out that in Sudan, the Archdioceses of Khartoum parochial K-12 school system gets no support from the government and most of their students are Muslim. In Syria, 40 percent of their nurses and doctors are Christians.

Edward, along with Father Haddad, and other panelists said Christians are too important to the Middle East to let the Islamic State and other radical groups run them out of the region.

To read the full article, please click here.

All above text was taken from the article posted on September 12, 2014 by Samuel Smith on the Christian Post. See link above for original article in its entirety.


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