EC North American Leader’s Retreat in Wisconsin

Over 56 members of the Emmanuel Community from Canada and the United States gathered for a training seminar whose theme was “Making Missionaries”

The Community members local to Saint Paul worked tirelessly to find a wonderful center, ARC, to gather and the logistics of getting everyone there was amazing.

We praised, prayed, learned, laughed and played all for the Glory of God.

Hubert having fun!

May the fruits of this time be witnessed in the months and years to come.

Paul giving his teaching. Don’t all EC members know why we Evangelize?? :)

Submitted by Rosemary Leblond (PA)


  1. Suzanne Debold
    July 20, 2017    

    Praise God for His timing and the years of germination this s community has lived here in the U.S.
    missing you all .

  2. Marilys
    July 20, 2017    

    Beautiful crowd!

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