How awesome is it that being Catholic we get to party for 8 days in a row! Yep, that’s what we did here in Gainesville with our brothers and sisters! The fact that Jesus resurrected, is HUGE! It’s the most amazing deal ever, so celebrating this for just one day does not do it justice.

So what did we do? We went to a Matt Maher concert! It was amazing to see him Praise the Lord and use the gifts He gave him for His glory!! It was so exciting to hear the beautiful music, but especially to hear Matt Maher speak about how some of his songs came about. It was very touching!

To end the Octave, we went on a little field trip for Divine Mercy Sunday!!! We all gathered together at a parish in a small mountain town. We went to Mass together, and then had a picnic in a park. We spent time together with our families; the adults talked and laughed, while some children played soccer and others with swords. The babies/toddlers just sat on a blanket and soaked up the sun.

After our picnic, we had our regular household.
We began having praise while the children climbed some nearby tree. Then we sat on a picnic table and did our sharing, where usually we take turns speaking about what God has been doing in our life and the Words from Scripture that have been affecting our life.

After that, some of us went to Adoration at another parish that had a Divine Mercy program. The families with young children remained in the mountain town and went to some of the local businesses, had some coffee at a little local cafe and enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather!

It was a blessing to be able to celebrate the Easter Octave with brothers and sisters!!! We are looking forward to doing more activities like these!!!

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