Dear brothers and sisters in the Emmanuel Community, and all readers of this blog!

What you are seeing and reading on this website is a service of the Emmanuel Community. Many brothers and sisters (it may include you) dedicated their time to bring you these stories, testimonies and photographs. When you read a particular blog post and it touches you in any way – please leave your comment! Let everyone know that you have read it and appreciated it.

Keep in mind that all comments on this website are moderated. It may take up to 24h before your comment is approved and appears on the website, so do not get discouraged!

Let’s make this blog the platform of staying in touch, connecting with one another and sharing the Love God has for us.

The EC blog team.

  1. Thank you so much to the blog team for your dedicated and big service. I know it takes time and it is showing in the beauty of the posts. May God bless each of you and hopefully, more b/s will help in this service and others by following your example of dedication!

  2. How refreshing and encouraging to read these stories. It’s such a joy to see the EC grow worldwide. I pray that Americans will “catch on” and make the community a source of comfort and inspiration and renewal for Catholics throughout North America

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