Dear Christians of Iraq

Translation of video:

Dear Christian brothers/sisters of Iraq,
Over 100,000 of you have been driven from your homes with nothing but the clothes you wear and the memory of your churches occupied and their cross removed …

In hearing the call of our Holy Father and the Bishops of the world, the Members of the Emmanuel Community and their friends want to ensure you their fervent support.
We have heard your cries for help. They upset us. You’re home is Iraq. Homeland of Abraham, our father in faith! It is intolerable that you are cast out!
United against fanatical terrorism, we call on the international community to take concrete and immediate action to ensure protection and assistance in order to to end the humanitarian tragedy that you live.
United with you in Christ, we are mobilized in prayer and in action.
Your brothers and sisters.

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  1. Frankie Primaq
    August 16, 2014    

    Lord Save OUR CHILDREN! AMEN! AMORE!!!!!!

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