Paris, 30 August 2017

For the attention of all members of the Emmanuel Community,

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today at 2 pm, the creation of the Clerical Association of the Emmanuel Community will be made public. We wanted to give you in slight advance these important news for the community.

The Congregation for the Clergy erected on 15 August 2017 the Clerical Association of the Emmanuel Community, gathering together the priests and deacons of the Community. This decision of the Holy See thus defines the canonical identity of the clergy who are members of the Emmanuel Community. It encourages their call to serve the local Churches while also favouring their mobility for the universal mission of the Church. It reinforces the communion of the priests and deacons with their lay brothers and sisters, for the New Evangelisation, according to the Emmanuel Community’s own charism. This new stage is situated in the continuity of the community.

We welcome with joy and thanksgiving today the solicitude of the Church to our Community.

Hereunder in different languages are the Statutes of the Clerical Association (the French version is the official version).
Français / English / Español / Italiano / Portugal / Deutsch

The public information will be available at 2 pm on the french international website.

Finally, here is a synthesis particularly intended to journalists: English announcement.

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