Community Day in PA

This January, the Pennsylvania Community gathered at Stefania & Steven’s residence to praise, socialize, listen to a teaching and take care of the ever-growing number of children. After attending the Sunday Mass individually, we started off by sharing a delicious lunch and dessert, followed by extended praise in front of the icon of “Mary, mother of the Emmanuel”.

We managed to solve the songbook shortage problem by taking pictures of specific pages with our cell phones. Thank God for technology!

After the praise, adults listened to a talk by Patricia and Michael – on the daily consecration to Mary, based on the excellent teaching given by Fr. Martin LagacĂ© on the EC Marian year website. Children, at the same time, listened to Steven and Stefania talking about Father Ed Flanagan, founder of the Boys Town (an actual town in Nebraska).

While older children were excited about the idea of taking the matters into their own hands and happily chose to have an excursion to a nearby State Park (despite bitter cold weather) – adults shared about their experience with Mary and the prayer of consecration. It was a blessed time for all.

Michal & Patricia (PA)

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