Our February Community day in Georgia took place at Saint Thomas Aquinas in Alpharetta. There was lots of space for the 15 kids to have fun with indoor and outdoor games, while the adults could focus on one of the great teachings of the Marian year.

This year dedicated to Mary has brought us closer to her and to Jesus. Alfonso Zapata from Gainesville shared with us how our Mother Mary was changing his life:

Hi my name is Alfonso Zapata I was born and raised in Mexico from a lovely family of which I’m proud of. My parents taught me the love of God as a child.

I remember my mom making me and my siblings pray the rosary on special occasions like Christmas and all traditions that are so representative of Mexico.

Then, as I grew up, I started to drift away from all of the religious things and even start criticizing the people that where traditionally religious. I was ignorant of the grace of God and the grace of our Mother Mary.

Then I got married to Graciela whom I love, and 3 years after we were married, we moved to the USA to live here in Georgia. Time went by and although we have always been in the grace of God it wasn’t until my sister Carmen (whom I love and respect very much) started inviting me to pray the rosary and praise the Lord at her household gatherings of Emanuel Community (where I met Richard and Danelle whom I also love and respect very much) that together we learnt so much.

I personally have a clear and better understanding of the grace of God and our Mother Mary has touched my heart in such a great way that now I pray the rosary on a daily basis. It has changed our lives. I invite you to let mother Mary touch you through the rosary. It will change your life for good. Thanks.

Caroline (GA)

  1. We do have such a wonderful mother in Our Lady, Alfonso. Your message is so full of love and truth. Thank you for sharing it!

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