Community day in Alpharetta GA

Have you tried bilingual praise? In the Georgia/Alabama Community we are practicing Spanish/English praise.
It was a great joy to share our Community Day with the Spanish speaking group last Sunday.
We went to mass at 9am at St Thomas Aquinas and the adults got together to listen to the Borgmans’ teaching on the Rosary, while the children had their own activities.

In their teaching, the Borgman’s compare the Rosary to a jackhammer… “The only mercy prayer we have found which can be prayed without ceasing.” Interesting and new way of seeing the rosary which can encourage us to pray it a bit more.

After a wonderful lunch together, we concluded the day with a time of fraternal prayer for several of our brothers and sisters. It was a beautiful moment of fraternal joy.

Caroline (GA)

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  1. Rosemary Leblond
    November 2, 2017    

    United in prayer and thanks for sharing!

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