Changing of ‘guards’ for EC USA

Dear brothers and sisters,

United together and on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the United States, I wish to thank Herve and Marylis for these many years of devoted service to us, the members of the Emmanuel Community in the US. A special thanks to Thadee and Ombeline for lending us their parents on so many occasions, too!
Herve and Marylis generously took over this responsibility when Denis and I left for France in 2006 and have been selfless with their time and talents leading us since. May their sacrifice be rewarded one hundredfold and may we continue to strive to live their example of generous service towards each other and those we encounter.


It is a joy to welcome David Miller and Alejandra Correa with Paul and Camille Leblond who share the joys and sacrifices of this service. David joined the Community shortly after his marriage with Alejandra, living the graces in Italy and now in Michigan. Alejandra has had a myriad of experiences in the Community having received her Masters in Theology through a community initiative in Rome and then worked for the Emmanuel School of Mission also located in Rome.

Paul attended his first Fraternite de Jesus retreat in utero (!) and became a member of the Community at age 18. Camille came to know the Community via the Sacre Coeur parish in Bordeaux and she became a member of the Community at the World Youth Days in Toronto, Canada in 2002.

Let us unite in prayer for them and in thanksgiving for their positive answer to this call of service.

Written by: Rosemary (PA)

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