Calling all Catholic Young Adults to Experience the Joy!

We need your prayers!

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in Dracut near Boston is welcoming the Emmanuel School of Mission – New York City for a full week-end of evangelization, praise and adoration for young adults from June 22nd to June 24th.

Please send your prayers for those that the Lord is calling in different ways:

  1. For the young adults (18-30ish) from the parish and far beyond who He wants to attend the meeting here on Friday night
  2. For the people He wants to send out two by two into the neighborhoods of our parish to personally invite our residents to His Church here in East Dracut
  3. For the people He wants to receive this invitation that they might know that it is He who is calling them with love
  4. For the people who will be praying while this is all happening
  5. For the people who will welcome those who respond to His call to come to the parish for the 4pm Mass, for the family cookout or the Mercy Night
  6. For the greeters, speakers, prayer teams, and clergy who will be ministering to all during the Mercy Night, that they will be truly the Lord’s instruments in sharing His loving Mercy with the people who are in most need of it.

May we together set the parish on fire.
God bless!

Fr. Maher (MA)

PS. Our Mercy Night during Lent:


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