Arriving in time to watch Father Jean-Baptiste cut the pizzas into equal slices, Gabriel and I were delighted to find the Figurski house buzzing with life and joy and happiness at being together. General introductions were made and we were one big family sharing our stories of conversion, God’s hand in our lives, and how we met the Emmanuel Community. Gabriel played in the trampoline with the Figurski trio except eight year old Simon kept stopping to have more pizza!

It was quickly time to prepare together for the Mercy evening that we would all lead at St. Patrick’s Church, which is the Figurski’s parish. Gerro, Anna and Father Charles were the professionals for the Emmanuel School of Mission, Rome, Italy, so we felt confident that the Lord would fill in the gaps!

The Figurski’s along with Dan Milani (from the parish) had prepared the votive candles for the participants to use as well as the necessary paper and pencils for the petitions that would be placed in the “Worry” box. God’s word from Holy Scripture had been prepared on over one hundred papers to be retrieved from the “Joy” box during the evening prayer. Gerro and Rosemary lead the introduction and Anna lead the songs helping everyone to turn their hearts to Jesus. Nancy lead off the two testimonies sharing about the role the Sacrament of Reconciliation has played in her life since the tender age of 7. On cue, the four priests took position to hear confessions non-stop for the evening. Gabriel’s testimony followed with his witness to meeting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament after which Jesus was exposed for Eucharistic Adoration.

The peacefulness of the rest of the evening was tangible with over 70 votive candles being lit and petition upon petition being left in exchange for a word of hope from the “Joy” box. The evening ended oh too quickly but it was filled with graces that will multiply as they are used to build the kingdom here on earth.


Written by: Rosemary (PA)

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  1. We were praying “with” you in a little chapel in Hagerstown, so blessed to be in Community wherever we are! Thank you for everything you did on this mercy night and for sharing it now.

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