The time for us to gather in Dracut, Father Sean’s Parish, for the first time since June. For this Emmanuel Community day, we have the joy to welcome our new brother and sister coming directly from France, Eléonore and Ghislain, and their 3+1 kids (Samuel, Blanche, Heloise and the baby to come). It is always a grace for us to see our community growing in diversity and charisms and to praise together.

It is impossible to think of a conversion of our activity as a Church that does not include the active participation of all the members of God’s People. Pope Francis, August 20th, 2018.

But the fall season is also a time for reflection. How can we participate the Church’s conversion as Pope Francis asked us in his letter on August, 20th? That was the question of the day.

After watching a teaching on the “Church, people of God and body of Christ”, we had an enlightening discussion on how we were all suffering, how we were impacted by the recent scandal in the Catholic Church and what it meant for our mission in the Church as in the world. We shared also about the daily repercussions for the priests and their relationships with their parishioners. There is no simple answer to this crisis and healing takes time. But, as member of the community and as Catholic, it is part of our mission to take the time in our busy lives to pause and to reflect. Otherwise how could we see that any good things are done through God? Without this time of mediation and prayer, we can’t even see all the marvels He has done for us.

Then, the kids went visit the farm across the Church while adults had a time of adoration. Finally autumn is the time to connect with nature and to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. And what is better than seing a kid interacting (and feeding) a donkey or a horse? All on the farmer’s tractor, they had a blast!

Ingrid (MA)

  1. Every community week-end should include a donkey and a tractor (and maybe a horse too): St Francis would certainly recommend it, this is the best idea ever!

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