An end to a fruitful year


(bottom, left to right) Rosemary, Nathalie & Hubert. (top, left to right) Maura, M., Lynx and H.

On the evening of June 30th, the Manhattan household led by H & M, gathered for a “festive household” before the summer break. Nathalie and Hubert hosted the evening that included a champagne toast in celebration of their 35th wedding anniversary! After having an “Apero” (french slang for appetizer) on the terrace overlooking midtown Manhattan, we enjoyed a delicious meal with good wine. Dinner conversation revolved around the subjects of the Church, shoes, priesthood, and T.V. programs from the 60s. All in all, a convivial occasion to strengthen our fraternal bonds after a fruitful household year!

Written by: Lynx (NY)

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  1. Marilys
    July 2, 2014    

    A good evening indeed! Grateful for my brothers and sisters.

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