Tom and Heather Triplett hosted the Minnesota brothers and sisters for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, November 18th. This marks at least the fourth time the MN community has shared a Thanksgiving dinner together, but the tradition resumed after a many-year break.

People started to arrive at 3:30 pm, bringing their food or drink offering. In came the people and their green bean casserole, brie cheese and fruit, mashed potatoes, stuffing, apple and cherry pies, fresh bread, salad, and drinks. There wasn’t enough counter space for it all!

Soon enough the kids were gathering around the table for their dinner. We had decided to eat French-style by having the kids eat before the adults, both for space and so the parents could help their kids with their meals. Triplett and Kane kids filled the table and dug into the yummy fixings and lemonade. Meanwhile, the adults talked about studies and family Thanksgiving plans and how to prepare for Advent and Christmas. It was insightful to see the various ways people live Advent. Christmas music or not? A decorated Christmas tree or does one wait until Christmas Eve to decorate? When do the house exterior lights turn on?

Once the kids were done, a movie was put on for them and the adults continued to socialize. Then the food was moved back out of the warm oven for the adult dinner. We sang “Sing Praise and Thanks” to begin the grace since it has the word “thanks” in it. The conversation topic that stands out was, “To get or not to get tattoos and if yes, what?,” which, of course, brought Richard and Danelle Borgman and their tattoos into the conversation. If you’ve never talked to the Borgman’s about their tattoos, Richard once said they were their most helpful missionary tool!

Once the plates were cleared from the table and the food was put away, we circled up (at the insistence of Martine Catta years ago) and praised in the living room. The words were of Jesus’ desire to dwell and remain with us and like a tattoo, to be inscribed on our hearts. Someone shared the message that Jesus wants our praise. Since the Emmanuel Community has been called to praise, it reveals that praise is lacking in the world, which is why Jesus has inspired our community to praise. We must offer him our sacrifice of praise!

Finally, the night ended around the table once again, this time for apple and cherry pie and tea. Soon the long Minnesota goodbye was underway, another wonderful Emmanuel Thanksgiving instilled in our memory.

Heather (MN)


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