A parish mission!

As we are called, or sent, to any parish mission, we might feel: “What are we going to bring to those regular churchgoers?”

Parish in Larchmont

We are not going to bring them anything: we are sent to them, we, poor sinners.

It is in meeting one another that the Lord can reach us. God has willed Caïn and Abel to live and to work as brothers. Jesus chose ordinary me, and he sent them two by two. Our mission week has produced many encounters; the universal Church, in her delegates- students from various countries- has touched the hearts of our parishioners.
Old and young ones; American as well as French and Latinos and others. All sang together. Adored together. Laughed and clapped together.

And now ? What next ? What is my hope ?

My hope is that out of the “crowd” who attend one of the six Sunday masses of their choice, a real Christian community might emerge. So that we might replace the usual routine “I got MY mass” by “as a member of the family of Saints John and Paul, I decide to learn what my brothers live and need and expect from me!”

I hope that the Alpha Course might help us all grow in the awareness that our society is thirsting for reasons to hope and to rejoice!


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