A commitment of love and hope


Brothers and sisters praying over Msgr. Thomas Petrillo.

Congratulations to our dear brother and priest of Jesus Christ, Msgr. Thomas Petrillo for making his step of commitment in the Emmanuel Community.

He was blessed enough to make this very important and memorable step in Paray-le-Monial on July 22nd, the feast of Mary Magdalen. Brothers and sisters prayed over him in the “Chapelle des Saint Anges” which is located inside the Emmanuel School of Mission. 

Steps of commitment usually take place in front of the Blessed Sacrament where the brother or sister making the step says out loud, before the community and before the Lord:  “I, (name) commit myself for one year in the Emmanuel Community.”


The commitment is always made for one year and renewed every year. Pierre Goursat wished it to be this way because he knew that life’s circumstances change and it is much easier to make a commitment for one year at a time rather than for the rest of one’s life. These are little steps of love to serve the Lord and the Church.

Msgr. Petrillo was surrounded by Rosemary & Nathalie from the U.S.; Anne-Sophie whom previously lived in Larchmont; a brother priest from the School of Mission of Paray; Jean-Luc, the former head of the Americas; and the de Torcy’s

It was a powerful moment and the Holy Spirit filled the Chapel.



Chapelle of St. Agnes

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  1. Lynx SOLIMAN
    August 9, 2014    

    CONGRATULATIONS MY BROTHER! Truly a great gift for the USA Community and for the local Church of New York!

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