Bérénice, Pierre-Eloi and their 3 daughters just arrived in Alabama in 2017. They come from France where they encountered the Emmanuel Community in 2007.

We are the only brothers in our area right now. We have weekly prayer and sharing over video-conference with our brothers from Atlanta, and we travel there every month to pray, praise the Lord with them. Mission is daily with our parish, at school, in our neighborhood and at the workplace. We also help Emmanuel Community in its mission in small ways: by preparing teachings, organizing gatherings and retreats, etc.

You can contact us by email:

Bérénice & Pierre-Eloi (AL)


  1. Camille Leblond
    October 4, 2018    

    Courage! It’s not easy to be isolated from other Community members. May the Lord give you the strength and the graces you need to be faithful and fruitful in your commitment!

  2. Rosemary
    October 4, 2018    

    You are a gift to the rest of us in the States!

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