The Dogwood And the Cherry Tree

As I was walking along the brook, my eyes were attracted by an unusual sight: dogwood flowers and cherry tree flowers seemed to spring from one single plant… As I drew near, I noticed that both trees were so closely knit that their branches appeared as though stemming from one common trunk.

From the intertwined stems, branches flew gracefully in different directions, sketching upon the sky a beautiful pattern of leaves and flowers. In May, the pink flowers of the dogwood mingled most happily with the white and rosy clusters of the fruit tree.

This somewhat uncommon conjunction, struck me as a vegetal illustration of… wedlock!

The dogwood is not a fruit tree, no more than the cherry tree belongs the dogwood species. Both unite their stems and produced a rich blossoming of petals and colors. Words came to my mind:

«God created them, male and female He created them»

Man is not a woman, no more than a mother is a father. 

«And God saw that it was really very good.»

As they had been growing side by side, so very close, both plants had obviously suffered from one another in their very closeness, under the winds, storms and constant whims of the weather. Both trunks, I could see, were not without the scars of their lifelong frictions. Yet they survived!

Thus, even the hardships and contradictions had somehow contributed in creating a pleasant, original pattern of their forms and colors.

As I stood marvelling at the gestures of the twin trees against the high blue sky, I could not help praising our Creator, who is able to shape such beauty out of obstacles and thwarted paths. And I thought of more than one dear married couple, who had not been spared a lot of hard times and even dramatic events, as they strove to feed, raise and educate their children. Yet they had succeeded in offering us the beautiful personalities, each one in one’s own kind, blossoming into a joyful bunch of healthy lives!

Again, the Word surged to my memory: 

«Everything concurs to the Good, for whoever trusts in God»

The two different trees, locked in their patient growth were chanting their flowers up to the serene sky.

Fr.Dominique+ (NY)


  1. J. Angele Kuchukian
    June 17, 2018    

    Say Father. That is a beautiful thought. May you have many more this Fathers’ Day and forever after.

  2. Rosemary
    June 17, 2018    

    Thank you, Jesus, for giving our brother Dominique eyes that see Your hand.
    Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Lisa Catucci
    June 26, 2018    

    Thank you for this, Father Dominique! I love both cherry trees and dogwood trees. And I love
    beautiful families where the parents have worked hard to feed, raise, and educate their children!
    What is better than a beautiful family??!!

  4. Juan
    June 28, 2018    

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful imagery, Father. These moments where God gives us an insight into the deeply profound mysteries of His creation are exception blessings in our everyday life. I also agree with you Lisa – there’s not much better than a faithful close-knit beautiful family!

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