I like to profess all the mysteries of our faith, wondering at each of them with the Rosary (when not falling asleep). It’s worth taking the time again and again, to catch a glimpse of their richness.

Yet it seems that it’s like knitting a Jacquard colored pattern: you have knitting needles and one ball of wool for each color you chose….

There is the pink, the grey, the purple, the red… Oops, where did the white go? There. Now don’t let the pink nor the grey escape again. Forget none of the balls of wool, hopefully resting around you while knitting each and every mesh.

Meditate on the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Eucharist, the Virginity of our Mother Mary, the Church, the Angels, Human Freedom and the Original Sin… Oops, where did the Final Ends go? And the Resurrection?

With the Communion of Saints, it seems there is no “Oops”. Whatever is in my mind, even if I’m late for school and I don’t have time to stop at home to put the groceries in the fridge before the orthodontist appointment, I can rely on the Saints (all of them) and on my brothers and sisters praying all around the World. We’re really together in this mystery as deep and beautiful as the others, but so comforting in its accessibility.

It’s not that I’m close to Holiness. It’s just that I believe (and sometime see) they’re actually taking care of us, interceding and waiting for opportunities to enlight our hearts, in such a beautiful net of love and mutual aid…

Laure (DC)


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