We are invited to begin each new year with Our Blessed Mother Mary, rosary in hand. We know that she does what mothers do: loving and caring, she gives good advice and keeps us focused on the essential. When we wander here and there, we can come back to her and she cleans up our wounds, weeps out our sorrows, restores hope, if only we trust her.

When I was growing up, I was struck to learn she was a teenager when she gave birth to Jesus. Later on, I meditated on the fact that she became a teenager’s mother (very serious situation), then a mature woman waiting for news from her Son, and the news were not so good… Through all Her life, she got closer to God, more and more submerged in the Mystery of the Incarnation and eventually taken into it so that She became our forever perfect Mother.

Therefore we are Her forever children, no matter our own age. I cannot but think of her role in our life when I see mothers in line to receive the Eucharist at mass: carrying a baby on their shoulder, holding the hand of the oldest and managing to make a toddler move forward. In this grace-filled moment, they keep smiling, kindly but firmly taking their family to the altar. The baby usually doesn’t move too much; the oldest child follows on (more or less willingly); the toddler often tries everything (from escape to walk reverse, with various vocal exercises). In the end, the Mom manages to get all of them in front of our Lord.

That’s the point. That’s why we have better start a new year with her.

Laure (DC)

Cover photo by Vincent Finet.


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