This is the Month of the Rosary. I’m going to stand firm, rosary in hand, and nothing will take me away from my good resolution. Our Holy Mother will be the center of my everyday life and She’ll take me closer to Jesus, in the light of the Holy Spirit.

Take a look on the calendar! There are the feast days of St Thérèse the Little Flower, St Francis of Assisi, St Faustine, St John XXIII, St Teresa of Avila, St Marguerite-Marie, St Luke, St John-Paul II… The Community of Saints is offering help and comfort in many great ways, examples of strength, fidelity, everyday heroism and every facet of love.

I can do it!

But take another look on the schedule and the trees becoming golden in the chilled air of fall (this is northern hemisphere). Very soon, mornings will be gloomy and rainy; work and homework, chores and school meetings will fill the day; night will be deep and long… Don’t enter October like a rosary marathon. This is not about performance and victory.

Rely more on your brothers and sisters, whose prayer will support yours before, during, and after household meetings. Rely on Our Holy Mother who will receive your prayer even if you drop your rosary somewhere and just keep praying while driving here and there. And in the beautiful mystery of the Community of Saints, keep faithful to those we celebrate on the 2d of October: our Holy Guardian Angels stay with us in a close, intimate way, to help us stay focused on the essential. No help is to be overlooked.

Laure (MD)

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