Are we adoring His Face? Are we being seized by the majestic, singular splendor of His Face?

Because to be an adorer is to be enraptured by His Face, to be founded on Adoration is to be obsessed with Face of Jesus: To adore is to behold His singular, unparalleled, and mesmerizing Beauty.

This is who we are.

In the coming days, nothing will prevent the Faithful from being lost: even our right dogma, doctrine, or our good and pious works… No, it’s not enough: Most believers will be willowed off. Only The Lovers Of His Face will remain.

Love Him! Adore Him! Be enraptured by Him! Pour out yourselves, your time, your affections on Him! Become enthralled by Him Alone!

The Radiance of His Face demands nothing less.

This is Who You Are and it is not a waste of your life to pour yourself out on adoring His Face.

David (MN)

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