When Sister Kathleen Glavich started to talk at our St Raphael parish (Rockville, MD), I felt relieved. Seating amidst catechists and nice ladies I meet at everyday mass, I was able to let things go and just listen to Sister reminding us the basics.

It was about going from “head knowledge” to “heart knowledge”. Becoming truly intimate with our Lord, loving Him for real, by following His Mother’s example. She listened; she trusted; she loved. From early childhood, she listened to the word of God; as a teenaged mother, she trusted whatever was asked of her; from Bethlehem to the foot of the Cross, she loved Him.

Sister detailed the “qualities of intimacy shown by three who loved Jesus to the end”: Mother Mary showed vulnerability in Her love for Him; John the Apostle showed mutuality in sharing his master’s love; Mary Magdalen showed presence, obstinately, until she became Apostle to the Apostles…

Sister said nothing new but witnessed the importance of day by day faith and fidelity.

Among my everyday mass friends, whose faithfulness goes through years and years of patient service, I heard again the call to constancy, to listen, trust and love, to let the Lord become our most intimate companion.

Laure (DC)

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