As I used to drive to work, along a sea of mother-of-pearl, in the morning haze, I could never imagine what — forty years ahead — the Lord would have in store for me.

From my childhood, while I stood on the bed by the window, watching in mere wonder the summer sunset unfold a path of golden glitters, I had been dreaming of some great adventure… What would that be?

I certainly did not have a clue, but still I yearned for a great and amazing adventure. Nothing then could have led me guess what future journeys were being planned for me. Everything indeed seemed quite settled, for a «normal» course of events: I had a secure position in the «Education Nationale», in my homeland; I lived in a pretty house, built on the shore, facing the steeples of the old cathedral where my parents and forefathers had been married. I had learnt the Breton language that was a key to meet the country people and discover the rich History of their villages and monuments; I had leisures for painting and writing; I loved to walk in the beautiful landscapes, as well as the scent of the blooming gorse and beauty of the autumn leaves. Every morning was a new feast in the lovely scenery that surrounded me.

Why then, did I leave my pleasant home and the view of the rose-colored dawns? Why did I leave my work at the college, in peaceful surroundings? Why did I leave my mother, my five siblings, many friends and relatives? Why?…

A voice, long ago, once spoke to Abram: «Go to the land that I will show you!»

I did not question, like the anxious fisherman whose name had not yet been changed into «Rock»:

«What shall we get, Lord, in return for having left everything to follow you?»

I knew Jesus’ reply to Peter.

And now I know that Jesus’swords are no joke: for I have enjoyed hundreds of friendly homes; I have met new families; I gained new relationships and dwelt in various lands, along the way. A way «with persecutions», but such an great Adventure! Far beyond all that my imagination could have ever invented… Volumes would not tell all the surprises that the Lord had offered me, along the way…

«Bless the Lord, O my soul, forget none of His benefits!»

Dominique+ (NY)

  1. Thank you for saying yes to Our Lord, dear Fr Dominique. You are like one of those beautiful Mother of Pearls to us!

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