Mental Arithmetic:

February 3rd, 2019 — Community day
+ 10.1 mile drive from my place to Aleth and Remi’s house
+ 2 burning fires in the beautiful fire-places
+ 12 adults, 21 children, and smiling helpful teenagers
+ 30 minutes of praise
+ 30 minutes of teaching about the rhythm of life in the Emmanuel Community (thank you Heather!)
+ 1,087 miles away from this kind teacher (that’s far)
+ delicious lunch for over 1,000 people (nothing will be lost)
+ 1 little boy with a fever (38,5°C = 101.3°F, dear little thing…)
+ 3.3 mile drive to the chapel of the Parish St Louis de France in DC
+ 5 minutes of teaching about Adoration by our own tremendous teacher (thank you Rosemary!)
+ 1hour adoration (twice what Heather recommended, yeah!)
+ 1 mass in English (thank you Father Pierre Henri)
+ 11.9 mile drive back home for a 2nd mass, serving as an Extraordinary Minister (H3 = Host, space number 3)
+ in union with my husband in Europe for a 12 day business trip (6,161 km, that’s far too)
= 10,453.8

No miscalculation possible: this is the exact number of visible things the Lord gave me during this Community day. I just need to add all the invisible things (still counting) and ask my sisters and brothers for their own numbers.

In the end, I’ll have a satisfactory estimation of an infinitesimal part of the Infinite Love the Lord wants to give us.

Laure (DC)


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