When you want to tell a story, you begin so that people can understand the plot and identify the characters. Then something must happen to initiate the story and bring on adventures. After some events, you try to come to a point where you can conclude, the characters being at peace and the problems having been solved (hopefully with a happy ending). If you don’t come to this point, people may be frustrated. Or it means the story will go on in several parts.

A story with too many twists is more difficult to follow. It may be a poor story. On the contrary, it may be such an incredible story that you need to enter it and take time to hear it several times before you really understand it. On the 16th of May, the Church offers us the story of Blessed Vladimir Ghika. I had seen his name, a long time ago, mentioned in Raïssa Maritain’s journal. Everything else was still to be discovered… And it’s a very long story.

Please read it on your own: who could summarize it without glaring gaps? How can a man go through so many trials and still have the strength to help others? Travel the world but come back to meet a terrible death in his home country? Develop so many talents and die a martyr in a communist jail?

His story is very good (and rich). There are lots of chapters, and the end is not really an end.

I love him.

Blessed Prince Vladimir Ghika: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/priest-martyr-vladimir-ghika-continues-to-inspire-romanias-catholics

Laure (DC)

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