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A reflection on Mercy

A reflection on Mercy

The Hour of Mercy The hour has come, from so long away Another lifetime has passed, before judgment day A soul released beyond body, beyond world To the choice between self or the mercy of God’s Word Was Faith like a rock and defended as is Or was it like sand that was molded by […]

God’s Mercy!!

God’s Mercy!!

God’s Mercy! This past winter, my mother-in-law was scheduled for surgery at a countryside clinic in Brittany, France . The whole surgery was supposed to last one hour. While she was in the recovery room, her blood pressure suddenly started going down. The doctors rapidly figured out that she had an internal hemorrhage from the […]

Pentecost weekend through the eyes of...

After the weekend in Allentown – all the way back home – our kids couldn’t stop talking about the experience they had had there. We asked them to write down some of the things they were saying, and here they are for all of you to read: I had a great time. The most I […]

EC Gathering and Mission in CA

EC Gathering and Mission in CA

A few weeks ago we gathered for the very first Western U.S. Emmanuel weekend. More than twenty members of the community scattered across the country, mostly from different parts of California and Texas, came together in Orange County, CA for two days of praise, teachings, Adoration, and fraternal time. For me personally and for so many […]

LENT: A Family’s Journey (Part ...

LENT: A Family’s Journey (Part 2)

LENT: A Family’s Journey (Part 2) If you think our Lenten promises have already created a holy household, you are probably too optimistic about us, or you haven’t seen us in action! As you may know, we have started Lent with great enthusiasm and a list of daily sacrifices. Our pre-teenage girls had decided to […]

Third Mercy Night in New Jersey!

Third Mercy Night in New Jersey!

On Friday, February 12, 2016 the third Mercy Night in New Jersey was held at the Church of Saint Bartholomew in Scotch Plains! Again, I have asked one of my brother seminarians and close friend, Deacon Daniel R. Peterson, to offer his testimony on the Mercy Nights he has experienced. Danny has been at all […]

Our Family Reflection: for Lent!

Our Family Reflection: for Lent!

This lent is off to a great start! Each of the kids, for the first time, are excited and interested in taking part in lent. In the preceding week, the older kids mostly ( aged 10 and 11), but even the little ones (4 and 6), were excited about the things they were going to […]

Community Day in the Snowstorm

January: an interesting Community Day for the PA group. Jonas, the first heavy snow storm brought icy blizzard and blocked roads, canceled trains and flights – the weekend the PA group had scheduled their monthly meeting. Offices, schools and shops were closed, and churches had reduced attendance. Yet PA Emmanuel Community defeated Jonas, and the […]

A little inspiration for growth!

Here is just a little inspiration from our brother and sister, Thao and Truong, in Houston, TX. Through their faithfulness, prayer and dedication to not give up, they have recently expanded their household from two to five. They have been meeting weekly all the while continuing their prior commitment to a phone household with other brothers […]

EC Mercy Nights take off in New Jerse...

On Friday, October 30, 2015, the second Mercy Night in the Archdiocese of Newark was held at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Secaucus. Our sisters, Annette Onanga and Maura Pollard came out to Jersey and helped with the mission. Instead of reading about the night from a brother in the Community, I decided […]

A call within a call. The Priesthood ...

Fr. Thomas Petrillo talks about his call to the Emmanuel Community twenty-five years after his priestly ordination.

Little fruits of encouragement

Dear brothers and sisters, A few weeks ago Pablo, Natalia, and I led the Confirmation class at St. Michael here Gainesville, GA. We introduced the night with “Spirit of God” and then at the end of the night, we sang during a short adoration time. Before we left for the evening, a young man from […]

One big happy family in PA!

We are very grateful to all of you who decided to come to Malvern for the World Meeting of Families and the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. We know you had to go through many obstacles but you came anyway – to help us with the Mercy Night and to spend time with us. For us […]

From afar, yet so close!

Recently, Laure and Brice from the D.C. area had the joy in meeting a Russian couple from Moscow, Irene and Alexander. Irene and Alexander previously met the community during a visit of a group of community brothers and sisters along with the moderator, Laurent Landete to their area. It was a blessing to meet Christian brothers […]

The Joy of the World Meeting of Famil...

From Anne: I had been looking forward to participating in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia for about two years, ever since I found out it would be here in the U.S. It was so great to participate in the events of the Congress, attending many wonderful talks, including speakers such as Bishop Robert […]

Through the Intercession of Cyprien a...

My husband and I met Daphrose and Cyprien Rugamba through numerous testimonies of our brothers and sisters from the Emmanuel Community in Rwanda as well as through his beautiful songs. The killings and atrocities that took place in Rwanda left us with broken and empty hearts; as we were searching for our survivors and searching […]

A pictorial journal at the World Meet...

When you find yourself with few brothers and sisters to share in your journey you constantly yearn for those moments when community gathers for what ever reason. When I was asked to attend the World Meeting of Families by Fr. Charles to help in promoting the Emmanuel School of Mission-Rome (ESM) in the U.S.A. I quickly […]

Confession and Adoration

See this powerful testimony by our sister, Alejandra. From “Project 3:15” website.

A heart set ablaze!

One of the most attractive aspects of the Emmanuel Community is the rootedness in the Holy Eucharist, God’s Presence among us. We love this by frequently attending Mass and by time spent in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, individually and when we are gathered as a Community. It is a beautiful thing to be called […]

Poetry and Evangelization

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m something of an artist. Music, theatre, visual arts are all a major source of inspiration for me and I participate in or create artistic experiences as regularly as possible. It is certainly a vocation for me – to live out a call to connect […]