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New assignment for Fr. Andrew

Last week our Community brother, Fr. Andrew Brinkman said his last farewell to the parishioners of the Nativity of our Lord Parish. He was assi [...]

Love and Responsibility – streaming live

I’m encouraged to inform to the Emmanuel Community members about the live streaming of great speakers about love and relationships in God& [...]

An interview with Patricia

Our dear sister, Patricia was recently featured on Blog Talk Radio/Significant Business Results Radio. She was interviewed for her successful ph [...]

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A heart set ablaze!

One of the most attractive aspects of the Emmanuel Community is the rootedness in the Holy Eucharist, God’s Presence among us. We love th [...]

Poetry and Evangelization

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m something of an artist. Music, theatre, visual arts are all a major source of inspiration [...]

The grace of welcome in the community

One of the graces of the community is the gift of welcoming others into our homes. I think anyone who has gotten to know the community well eno [...]

From Movie Sets to the Vatican!

Here is a brief testimony about Richard Borgman’s son, Scott and his journey from movie sets to the Vatican. Thank you Scott for saying ye [...]


Thank you for visiting our blog. We are the Emmanuel Community, North America РA Roman Catholic International Public Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right. We are currently present in over 9 States reaching from East to West. Internationally we are present on every continent!

Consecrated sisters in the Emmanuel Community
Priests in the Emmanuel Community
The Emmanuel Community is a Catholic lay international community that brings together faithful that share a common call to strive for holiness and commit themselves to actively live their faith in their daily lives through adoration, compassion and evangelization; thus fulfilling their call as the first believers did who had “only one heart and one soul!” (Acts 4:32) The Emmanuel community is for men and women of all walks of life: from ordinary, professional and social backgrounds, of different classes, ages and nationalities. We are a community made up of different vocations: lay people (married couples, single men and women, youth), priests and lay men and women consecrated in celibacy. In sharing this common call of “one heart and soul”, the members, no matter their vocation, form a strong bond and unity that is lived and witnessed to others in the joy and compassion of living a life centered on Jesus Christ in every thing they do.This unity is expressed in a particular fraternal life through weekly gatherings known as households as well as monthly meetings and national meetings. These allow brothers and sisters to come together to share how the Lord is working in their lives; how they are striving to evangelize in their every day and bringing their important petitions so that they may carry one another in prayer. It also gives them an opportunity to go a deeper faith formation through different teachings and talks. These meetings and the larger gatherings helps to reinvigorate their call to serve the Lord, the Church and one another. The unity is also manifested in the various services of compassion and evangelization held both locally and nationally.

The three main pillars of the Emmanuel community are Adoration, Compassion and Evangelization. Through the commitment to daily Eucharistic Adoration, community brothers and sisters are able to contemplate and strive to imitate the compassionate heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence the Lord’s compassion naturally leads them to desire to evangelize those around them and all those they meet in their every day lives: on the street, at work, in school and most of all, at home. Their mission? That all men come to know the person of Jesus¬†Christ.

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